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Lance Valves Has Been a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Valves for More Than 40 Years.

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Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Drilled and tapped mounting pads, and glass reinforced Teflon seats standard. Many custom options available to suit your application

Manufactured in Lancaster, NY, Comes with a 5 Year Warranty



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lance valves, lead free valves

Lead Free Ball Valves

Lance Valves dependable line of lead-free ball valves are certified lead-free and conform to CGA3.16 and ASME B16.33 standards for gas service.

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lance valves, steam trap test valves

Steam Trap Test Ball Valves

The Lance Steam Trap Test Ball Valve is the intelligent and economic solution for in-line testing in a variety of steam trap applications including domestic hot water, jacketed pressure vessels, and heat exchangers.

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industrial steam service ball valves, lance valves

Steam Service Ball Valves

Steam Service ball valves are provided with high temperature seats and a graphite stem packing for use with saturated steam up to 250 psig.

Available in Carbon, Bronze and Stainless Steel

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automatic drain ball valve, saftey exhaust, lance valves

Automatic Drain Ball Valves

Automatic Drain Ball Valves are an important safety feature for compressed air applications with downstream pneumatic equipment.

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Customizable High Quality Ball Valves

  • Customizable

    With over 200,000 different configurations, we offer standard and hard to find valve options to suit nearly any application.

  • Made in USA

    State of the art tooling equipment and the highest quality materials means a finished product you can depend on.

  • Quick Turnaround,
    Competitive Pricing

    Get the ball valve you want, when you need it – and at a price that won’t break your budget.

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