23 Series STTV-Carbon Steel Steam Trap Test Valves

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Steam Trap Test Valves – MADE IN USA

The Lance Steam Trap Test Valve is the intelligent and economic solution for in-line testing in a variety of steam trap applications including domestic hot water, jacketed pressure vessels, and heat exchangers.

Lance Steam Trap Test Valves Deliver the Proven Best Practice Solution for Visually Testing Live Steam Traps.

Compared to cumbersome tee configurations with plugs or multiple valve manifolds, Lance test valves deliver a simplified, compact, safe solution to instantly validate the integrity of steam traps. No need for numerous fittings and multiple valves!

Lance Steam Trap Test Valves are available in 1/2″ through 1-1/2″ sizes, all with a standard 1/4″ NPT vent port. Valves are supplied with high temperature steam-rated reinforced PTFE seats and seals to deliver time-tested performance and long service life.

•    Pressure 250 PSI
•    Temperature 406˚ F
•    Available Sizes 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ & 1-1/2″. Larger sizes available for specific applications.
•    1/4″ NPT Blowdown on all Valves

The valve is installed at the trap discharge allowing – when normally open – the normal discharge of condensate. When the valve is moved to the closed position, the vented ball channels pressure to the vent port, allowing maintenance personnel to positively verify that the trap is not leaking steam through the discharge port.

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23-041-2-3-13-21 1/2", 23-061-2-3-13-21 3/4", 23-081-2-3-13-21 1", 23-121-2-3-13-21 1-1/2"


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